Friday, August 1, 2008

job search update, Friday Aug 1

Ok, so it's August already and Jon needs a good job. Well, Robin is gone from today until a week from Monday and I hope to have accepted an offer by the time she gets back. Maybe I could even start by then but my guess is getting all options explored will result in starting the week of the 18th. It just so happens our trip to Scotland is that weekend (Robin will already be there that week for work) as the 25th is a national holiday. Woo- Scotland, here we come! What a great way to cap all this hard work- applying, interviewing and, hopefully, accepting a J-O-B! Also a good way to celebrate (albeit a touch late) our 2nd anniversary and her b-day. :)

Ok, so here goes my unsuccessful attempt at a long story short. Also, hopefully these companies aren't reading my blog... :) Interviews this coming week:
-Monday: 1 company was looking at me a few weeks ago for an engineering recruiter role and passed on me but is now leaning toward me for an IT recruiting role... not keen on the location but planning to meet the IT lead guy anyway. I highly doubt this option will work out; I'm not a fan that they've taken so long and been wishy-washy about me. I like the managing director but time kills all deals (plus they passed on me once already).
-Tuesday: 2 interviews. #1 is for an IT recruitment role 8 miles from our home that is in the middle of nowhere so would 100% mean getting a car. However, it would be a predictable 15 minutes every day each way- way doable! It has the lowest base salary by far but strong commissions so we'll see... It is also on a huge campus in what sounds like a very nice setting. Interview #2 is for an in-house/onsite recruitment role on a contract (what we would call a corporate recruiter). It's all IT and Engineering for an environmental firm that is growing like crazy. It's basically a major international "green" agency and would be great experience and could turn into something longer-term and/or be a great way to get into in-house recruitment. Honestly, it's quite challenging to get into corporate recruitment in the US, let alone for a Yank in the land of pork scratchings- would be tough to pass this one up. They just called me today and it is currently (subject to change any second, and then back to being) my #1 choice. They had me do some writing samples and basically seem to have gotten their "grilling" out of the way. After the writing stuff and the time on the phone the lady indicated the meeting Tuesday was going to be informal and she'd basically just want to ask me a few more questions and introduce me to folks... all signs that her concerns about me are gone. Oh, and they pay a solid monthly travel/car allowance, which is grrreat. There would also be some domestic travel (all expenses paid) but not a ton of it so a good way to see places but not be out nights on end. Toward the end of our last call she actually joked about me starting this Monday- they need someone yesterday and the location is good (not quite great) for me/us but I could see how finding talented individuals for this project/location could be a challenge.
-Wed or Thurs I am supposed to meet with the Manpower fellow who is on holiday this week; he will look at me to manage a new Manpower branch in Swindon. The commute would be 50 minutes or so initially but once we move toward the other side of town (saving Robin tons of time, too) it'd be more like 35-40. This option is a very close 2nd though I could see it locking me into the staffing industry and I'd really like to "go corporate." So, hopefully they can confirm this meeting early next week and also give me an update on my timeline to meet the other fellow about the Regional Sales Manager job. I believe he is on holiday, too. Either job would come with a company car and would make a strong resume-bulider.
-Friday is the interview with the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Eng. and Technology. It's taken them quite a while to get moving on this. To be fair, they are government and on a college campus so probably much of the problem is folks on holiday between semesters but even then, it's been sloooow. Anyway, I have my initial interview with them and they said there will be more rounds so fear they'll take too long to get through the process. It's close to home and would be meaningful but the funding is not guaranteed for very long and the pay would not be in the same category as the others. Again, time kills all deals 101.

Ok, so I think that sums it up. I look forward to having pepperoni pizza, pork chops and steak while Robin is gone but definitely miss her already. All quiet on the Oxford front.

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