Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aug 12 job, etc. update

Well, suffice it to say it's great to have Robin back in the UK as of yesterday morning. Jennifer and Kevin's wedding went off without a hitch (well, without any bad hitches, there was one hitch-ing) and everyone had a great time! So, now Robin is back in the grind after enjoying a bit of R&R working from home yesterday.

We are now thinking that having a car is essentially a must-have. Just something decent to get us around for our time here, nothing too fancy (maybe I can get that 5-series when we're back stateside?). :) It would just add a lot of options for weekending, commuting, running errands, taking the dog places, picking up visitors at the airport (ahem, ahem) etc. So, I'm giving it a bit of thought and shopping around a bit. Though an older BMW or Audi would be nice I have found a few Accords that have decent power and still good gas mileage. There are a few Toyotas around here as well but it tends to be the smaller ones like Yaris and Corolla; I think something slightly larger would be worth the trade off in mileage. I like Nissans but they only imported the really small ones for a long time; the name- Micra, should tell you something. So, time will tell.

As for the job search, it's still in limbo at the moment. I have 1 company that I had final interviews with last Wednesday and they seem to want to make me an offer, just haven't gotten it quite signed-off yet. One of the ladies is out sick today but is hoping it will be formalized today, though we've been hoping for a few business days now so... I had my interview for the government chartered job working with women in Science, Engineering and Technology last Friday and it seemed to go quite well. They said they'd get back to me this week and I'm pretty sure one of them was quite interested but got mixed feelings from the other lady; not bad feelings, just more of a poker-face... I'd be the only guy in an all woman-office and a 100% woman-oriented job so am wondering where their heads are on that dynamic; all the names they mentioned in the organization in other hubs were female as well. Also, they were advertising the job as full or part-time and it seems they are not behind any aggressive initiatives or anything and just need a little extra push so I can see how they would prefer to go with someone part-time as a full-timer might get a bit lost/bored and the obvious fiscal savings. I told them I was open to P/T so we'll see what they say. I haven't gotten a "no-letter" in the mail so at least they didn't pass on me right away (the domestic post here is very fast, about the only thing that is fast here... international not so much). I have an interview with the regional manager for Manpower on Thursday in Oxford, so that is promising, though it has take a long time to set-up (he was on vacation and has a very full calendar) so I hope we don't miss our window. He is looking at me for internal recruiting roles and on-site roles with clients (Microsoft, HP, Xerox, etc.). I lean toward the on-site role as it's where I see myself once we're back in the US. I could make more $ here in a branch/commissioned role but, given the option, I'd rather go in-house/corporate (the grass is always greener, right?). I have been informed that August is basically the biggest holiday-time-burning season, so, aside from December, arguably the worst time to find a job- just too many folks out of the office. So, I get good feedback from recruiters/managers and they know I'll get nabbed, it's just slow going. I have another interview being scheduled for me on Tuesday, a phone interview with BT iNet, a Cisco patner, that is looking for an onsite HR adviser/recruiter/program manager. So, it's the right role, the right location and with a technical company. The salary is pretty solid, right in the middle of things, but seems to be the best overall option (Cisco hires on-sites and has a big presence in Raleigh/Durham). I may have to buy some time if/when I get these other offers but don't want to put them off, either. Hard line to walk- balancing that bird in the hand (of course, I've had to wait for the bird, and am still waiting for it....). I also have another recruiter with Hudson Global (the folks who started Monster.com) though she's been slow getting back to me. She was working from home yesterday so I'll try her again today; many folks here are not exactly as proactive as I would like but so it goes. Trying to show initiative and patience at the same time...

So, now that Robin's gotten back from her week and a half in the US she's going to Scotland (Glasgow) for a little over a week on Saturday for work. The following Monday (25th) is a national holiday, so the plan was for me to come up for the 2nd weekend and travel together after the conference. I may actually head up sooner as I'm not keen on spending another week at home alone. Plus, I would love to have some more time up there ("free" hotel and all). 1 job might want me to start this Monday but I think I will seek to hold-out until the 26th as a start date, to try to give every option a fair shake. That way I have the extra time to travel yet my resume picks back up in August, so not a huge gap; though I imagine a gap won't be interpreted poorly- international move in-between them and all.. Of course, I could get an e-mail any minute that this AEA job wants me and if I want the job I have to start Monday... doubtful scenario but possible; not sure what I'd do but will cross that bridge if/when...

Anyway, things are looking promising and I'm hoping the timing of everything works out for all parties.

Ok, off to do housework and then go biking- the weather is pretty nice today. It rained really hard last night for hours but has cleared-up, for now. :)


Dean said...

I was watching Top Gear and they said Oxford was the most car unfriendly places in England.

Robin and Jon said...

Yeah, driving in Oxford is not fun. Lots of lights, bikes, buses, aaaaaahhhhhh! We're in Scotland at the moment. It is good at raining in Glasgow. Off to Edinburgh Sat AM and then a few days around the highlands, etc. woo!
What up wit chu?