Monday, June 2, 2008

First Day of Work!

This will be short because I'm feeling awfully tired after a full day of work and not much sleep last night. Every time I hear a noise in the night I think that some English spirit, or maybe a thief, is coming to get me. But then I ask myself "Who in their right mind would rob this place?" That makes me feel a little better until the next bump in the night comes and it starts all over again. The landlord was supposed to come over and do something about the overgrown garden today, and I've asked if they could have the house cleaned, so keep your fingers crossed!

Work was fine today- great to see the friendly faces of my coworkers and to not spend another day in solitude. Not so great that IT has screwed up my account even though I transferred within the same department. Par for the course, IT. I was supposed to get my new BlackBerry today, but they screwed that up too, so it'll hopefully be ready tomorrow. Nice to know that I'll have some means of communication to the outside world from the house soon (will be helpful for reporting boogeymen or robbers).

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