Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Almost August #2

Well, I just heard from Manpower and they're considering me for a position internally as a regional sales manager. No joke- regional sales manager! It is the answer to a lot of our problems/questions/objectives and would be a highly visible and challenging role. I'm excited about it. Finally the job search has me with 2 good, do-able options! Yessss! Time will tell. The person I'd report to is named Simon and he's the director of key accounts, so hopefully we hit it off..... They need people in a few different locations and 1-2 would work so we shall see... fingers crossed!!!


Dean said...

So, on your performance review would your boss say something like, "That was just awful. I've never heard anything so horrible. Who told you that you could sing?"

Robin and Jon said...

Haha, might be a different Simon (different last name and all)... and I CAN SING! :)
And hopefully he looks at the balance sheet over my non-job-related talents. Unless I used my singing skills to woo clients... now that might work. :)